Shane Warren has been leading through full time pastoral ministry for over 25 years. With a wealth of Biblical knowledge, real-world experience, and hard-won wisdom, he helps organizations of all types and sizes become more effective at fulfilling their vision.

The Last Days of America?


The deep mysteries of the Kingdom of God are often hidden or veiled through symbols, patterns, cycles and prophetic correlations. God’s purpose in this is to hide this mystery from the wisdom of this world and revel this wisdom to those who hunger for truth. God uses patterns so that mankind can see a picture of what is invisible.

This is a 5 CD Set.

The Last Days of America?


It seems our nation’s maladies are incurable and our disease terminal. Who would have ever thought that a nation like ours could crumble, or that empires like Rome, Babylon, and Greece would have suffered the same fate?

In this fact-filled book you will see what is happening before our very eyes, and learn what is on the horizon.

160 page soft-cover book.

Shane pastors The Assembly, a diverse, vibrant church in West Monroe, Louisiana that in 2018 completed a momentous transition to a new location. His vision and leadership enabled a multi-generational congregation to move forward from a location with 90+ years of ministry history to a new, centrally located modern facility that meets the needs of its growing church family. He leads a large staff at the church and its fully-accredited Bible college and its daycare that teaches hundreds of children.

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