They are like noses, everyone has one! If you try to do anything great in life you will quickly learn that there are many people who will not cheer you on. I wish I could tell you that all of your friends and family would get behind your vision and cheer you on, but that is not the case!

Everyone is going to have an opinion about you and about what you are endeavoring to do. If you aren’t careful you will allow the expectations of others to rule your life. If you are constantly trying to make everyone happy I can promise you that you will end up the most disappointed, miserable person on the planet. 

God created, called and gifted you to be YOU! Don’t be a cheap fake, be an expensive original. You can’t do that if you are constantly chasing people’s opinions. I have a motto that I am learning to live by: Everyone has a right to their opinion and I have every right not to listen to it. 

If what others say about you and your dream doesn’t match what God has put in your heart, let their opinions go in one ear and out the other. Be kind but don’t be swayed. Stay focused on your dream and be authentic. 

Here is a key: It’s ok to listen to people’s opinions and take advice, but you have to be secure in who God called you to be so that when someone has a different opinion you aren’t sidetracked. 

I have learned that trying to please people is a trap that leads to carrying greater burdens that I was never meant to carry. I heard about a grandfather who was making a trip into town with his grandson. Since the boy was young the grandfather put him on the mule to ride as he walked beside him. Someone came by and said, “look at that selfish, spoiled little boy riding while that old man is walking…”

Hearing this the grandfather let the boy walk and he got on the mule to ride. Someone came by and said, “can you believe that strong, full-grown man is riding and making that little boy walk…”

Hearing that the grandfather reached down and grabbed the little boy, lifted him up, and set him upon the mule so both of them could ride. Someone came by and said, “that poor mule, they are making him carry way too much weight…

Finally, both of them got off the mule and by the time they got into town they were both carrying the mule. 

The point is this, when you try to listen to everyone’s opinions and stop being authentic you end up carrying what you were never meant to carry. 

Everyone has an opinion, including God. The real question today is whose opinion holds more weight in your life?

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